You’re going to discover how you can build a better body and unleash your inner Beautiful Badass with bodyweight only workouts you can do absolutely anywhere.

Imagine for a moment being able to do a workout in the comfort of your home. Or outside, or a hotel room. Basically, where ever you spend a good amount of time. Picture yourself in that environment. In only 20-30 minutes you can perform an incredibly effective, time-saving workout that makes you feel amazing.

Why work out at home, or anywhere other than a traditional gym? Because it’s extremely convenient, for one. If you’re super short on time, bodyweight workouts are perfect because you don’t have to waste 20+ minutes driving to the gym, waiting on equipment, driving back home, etc.

And because bodyweight workouts are, you know, free. You don’t need a gym membership. You can use literally nothing but your bodyweight, or add a ton of variety for very little money and use a suspension trainer (that you can get for less than a one month gym membership).

And, finally, working out at home (or where ever you happen to be) with bodyweight workouts is effective for transforming your body.

  • “I’ve been blown away by the way my body has changed in the last 7 weeks, and I’m excited to see how it will morph in the next 15 … I am HOOKED!!!” -Andriana S.

While there’s nothing magical about bodyweight workouts as some would have you believe, you can transform your body as long as  you perform well designed, progressive programs. That’s exactly what you get – proven bodyweight workouts you can perform in 30 minutes or less – with Beautiful Badass.

First, let’s get one thing straight: being a Beautiful Badass means being the most awesome and strongest version of yourself. It’s also about building the body you want — less fat and sexy muscle in the right places — with simple yet highly effective workouts that fit into your busy schedule.

That, my friend, is where bodyweight workouts really shine. They allow you to build a better body with less time because you can do the workouts in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you happen to be. The Beautiful Badass Bodyweight programs will allow you to build the body you want in less time with fun, motivating workouts.

You don’t need a gym membership or a lot of time to build the body you want. You just need your body and a proven workout program.

  • You CAN lose fat and build the body you want with bodyweight workouts
  • You CAN have fun in the process
  • You CAN get stronger and perform exercises like push-ups, chin-ups, and single leg squats
  • You CAN achieve the results you want with just a few fun, challenging bodyweight workouts per week
  • You CAN get results even if you’re super busy because you can do the bodyweight workouts anywhere
  • I used it to go from zero chin-ups and 25% body fat to eight chin-ups (plus 3 weighted at 35 pounds!) and 16% body fat WITHOUT EVER STRESSING ABOUT IT and while enjoying every freaking workout and achievement along the way. Seriously. Thanks for changing our lives :) Angie

Here’s How You Get Great Results With Bodyweight Workouts:

You must follow three few very important rules.

1) Use the Best Exercises

This sounds like a common-sense point, but many people choose the wrong exercises. For example, many people assume that the best way to get a flat stomach is to do a bunch of crunches and other abdominal exercises, or they think dips off the side of a bench or chair is the best bodyweight exercise for sculpting sexy arms.

Both of these assumptions are entirely WRONG.

If you want to lose fat and tone up your body you must focus on the BIG, compound exercises because THEY produce the majority of the results. I know it sounds crazy but progressing to single leg squats and chin-ups will do more for your abs than crunches, and working towards close grip push-ups will do more for your arms than bench dips.

Use the best exercises or you’re essentially wasting your time. The Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide has you covered.

2) Use the Right Variations and Progressions

What if you can’t (yet!) perform a traditional push-up? Then you need to use a proper, easier variation so you can quickly progress.

Likewise, what if you can easily perform traditional push-ups? Then you need to progress to a more challenging variation so you can keep getting results.

It’s important to start from your current strength and fitness levels, and know where and how to progress. The Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide provides variations for all exercises that range from the easiest to more advanced options so you know where to start, and how to progress.

3) Improve Your Performance

You can’t do the same exercises for the same number of sets and reps and expect to achieve great results. You must improve your performance, somehow. Each workout you need to do just a little better than last time. With the Bodyweight Workouts included in the Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Guide, you’ll be told exactly what to do each time you repeat a workout, so there’s zero guesswork involved and you can keep getting results.

  • “The program worked wonders for me, I gained more strength over three months than over the previous three years of doing haphazard workouts. You made me realize that there really is no progress when you have no system.” -Zuzana V.

Bodyweight Workouts - The Beautiful Badass Way

Here's a closer look at what you'll receive to start your Beautiful Badass journey.

Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout GuideThe Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Manual gives you all the information you need to succeed, without any unnecessary filler or fluff. Here’s a closer look at the information within Manual:

  • Progress = Success — This chapter explains why it’s so critical to make progress with your workouts. Without this, you won’t get results. You’ll also get 7 Different Ways to progress and improve your performance with bodyweight exercises.
  • Getting Stronger with Bodyweight Workouts — This chapter explains exactly how you can get crazy strong with only bodyweight exercises.
  • Losing Fat & Sculpting Muscle with Bodyweight Workouts — This chapter tells you exactly how you can achieve both of these goals exclusively with bodyweight workouts.
  • The Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Exercises — This chapter reveals the main exercises and advanced workout techniques used throughout the Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Programs with instructional videos.
  • And More

Two Unique Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Programs

There are two programs in the Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide. It doesn’t matter what your goal may be — get stronger, lose fat, sculpt sexy muscle — you can do it all with the programs.

The 14 Week Total Beautiful Badass-ification Program

Smaller Program CoversWant to lose body fat and/or sculpt some sexy muscle? You’re all set with this 14 Week program. The Total Beautiful Badass-ification Program is divided into Three Workout Phases. Each phase is very unique and includes a main workout component in addition to fat burning and core finishers.

This program uses advanced workout techniques such as rest/pause, timed sets, 1.5 reps, and other techniques that will keep you motivated to workout and deliver the results you’re after.

8 Week Get Strong! Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Program

If your goal is to get strong and perform chin-ups, advanced push-ups, single leg squats, handstand push-ups, and build overall functional strength, then this 8 Week Program will deliver.

You’ll get the exact workouts along with detailed progressions so you can achieve your strength goals.

  • I’ve almost completed your 8 week bodyweight strength training program and I cannot thank you enough for putting such a wonderful program together. I cannot wait till I start the Beautiful Badass program because I’ve been blown away by the way my body has changed in the last 7 weeks, and I’m excited to see how it will morph in the next 15. You are an absolute legend! I love your “no frills” approach to weight training. I love how everything you say makes sense to me. I am HOOKED!!! Warmest regards, Andriana S.

Demonstration Videos for Every Exercise

SmallerVideo BBYou’ll have detailed demonstration videos for all the exercises and advanced workout techniques used in the Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workouts. See how to properly and safely perform every exercise and additional variations. The detailed videos ensure you get the most out of every exercise and you’ll get the most important cues so you perform every exercise safely and properly.

Watch the videos anywhere, on any mobile device. It doesn’t matter if you’re on your laptop, smart phone, or tablet. You can watch the videos from any device because the videos are Privately hosted on YouTube, so you don’t have to waste any storage space on your device(s).

PLEASE NOTE! The workout programs work best when you have a suspension trainer and/or chin-up bar. You can perform the workouts without any equipment, but you’ll have to get creative and find ways to perform chin-ups and inverted rows at home. If you need help with this, please send me a message and I’ll gladly help you find a solution!


You can choose between two different Beautiful Badass bodyweight workout packages! You can get …

  • The PREMIUM package
  • The original Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide shown above

Regardless of which Package you choose you'll get immediate access. Both packages are in PDF format, so you can download and view from all devices.

Here’s a closer look at both packages:

Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide

Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Manual

14 Week Total Beautiful Badass-ification Program (lose fat or build muscle)

8 Week Get Strong! Program (build strength!)

Exercise Video Library

Immediate access!

  • “Thanks for an awesome program to help me continue my journey to total awesomeness while on hiatus from weights. PS – I’m getting stronger AND I’ve lost a couple pounds of fat. Oh yeah!“— Jennifer F.
  • "Your bodyweight program is so AWESOME ... I've loved using the bodyweight system during my high travel time of the year because I can do them anywhere with just my suspension [trainer]." -Corrina Y.

A Closer Look at The PREMIUM Package

Here's a closer look at the Beautiful Badass Bodyweight 10-Phase System that's part of the PREMIUM Package above.

Please note: a suspension trainer is mandatory for the Beautiful Badass Bodyweight 10 Phase Training System.

The 10 Phase Training System is divided into 10 unique, four-week phases for a total of 40 weeks of workouts. Here’s a glimpse at them:

bbbwg 10p

To keep things interesting new exercises and training techniques are added as the system progresses, so you keep making progress and never get bored. It’s a complete done-for-you system and includes demonstration videos for all exercises (there are over 70!).

  • I’m still in phase 3 and am really loving the EDT. I’ve never trained in that manner and I’m seeing and feeling a lot of progress. People always ask me what I do to look so good and be in such great shape and I always have to give you credit!” -Cheers, Janet M.
  • “What I find most beneficial about the Beautiful Badass-ification bodyweight program is that it is so detailed in the reps and sets. You know exactly what work needs to be done and how to progress through each phase. The videos are always available to remind yourself about the variations and form. The work of designing the workout is done for you. It’s like you, Nia, the trainer, are in the room coaching me and I just have to fulfill the required exercises … I love that I can work out at home, not waste time commuting to and from the gym, and I can travel with just two pieces of equipment (jungle gym and bands) and get a badass workout on the road. Thanks for all you do to keep these workouts simple, sane and affordable.” -Amanda G.
  • Almost finished Week 7 now, can’t believe it. What a totally brilliant programme, you are the best trainer I’ve had, thank you :-) I LOVE these workouts and feel such benefits (which I figure is good at the age of 53 where I thought I was just turning into a soft marshmallow) -Nadia A.J.

Support and Satisfaction Guarantee

If you need anything at all, I’m here to help. You should contact me if you have any questions because I want to make sure you achieve your goals and get the results you want, and deserve. And I want you to be 100 percent satisfied with your purchase; if you’re not you can receive a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

What Type of File is the Guide?

The great news is that everything is packaged conveniently into a single PDF file that you can view on any device. All you need is Adobe Reader (or a free PDF app if viewing from a smartphone or tablet). The PREMIUM Package includes two PDF files.

Now let’s discuss 3 (some-what) little secrets to build a great body with bodyweight workouts . . .

3 (Some-What) Little Secrets to Building a Great Body with Bodyweight Workouts

Don’t worry, I’m not going to claim to have discovered but “super-duper-life-changing-top-secrets” or some other ridiculous non-sense. BUT, I am going to share with you three vital components to building a great body with bodyweight only workouts.

If you want to get the best results possible, you must apply these three (some-what) little secrets.

(Some-What) Secret 1: You Must Follow a Well Balanced and Properly Designed Program

Too many people just go through the motions with bodyweight workouts. They may do a few push-ups, some squats, lunges, and then a few sit-ups and hope for the best. After a few weeks they wonder why they don’t see any results whatsoever.

That’s because most people don’t do bodyweight workouts correctly and oftentimes they neglect entire body parts or muscle groups. This is why a well balanced program is important — you don’t just want to work your chest and quads, do you?

Of course not! You want to build a great booty, sculpted arms, and well rounded physique. This is why you need to follow a properly designed program that targets every muscle group and helps you build the curves you want and lose the fat you don’t.

(Some-What) Secret 2: You Must Work at Your Own Pace

Too many programs are designed in a “cookie cutter” fashion. For example, you may see a typical bodyweight workout that says to do “3×10 for push-ups and squats”. But, what if you can’t do 10 push-ups? And what if 10 bodyweight squats is way too easy?

That’s why you must work at your own pace and use exercise variations that are challenging for you. Plus, you need variations that you can progress to as you get stronger.

For instance, if you can’t do traditional push-ups, where should you start? What should you do is bodyweight lunges are too easy? These answers to these questions are important. If you don’t work at your own pace and constantly progress, you definitely will not get results.

(Some-What) Secret 3: You Must Know How to Properly Progress

Knowing you need to progress is important, but actually knowing HOW to progress is even more so. You know you can’t do the same exercises for the same sets and reps over and over again for months on end.

But, exactly WHEN should you use more challenging exercise variations? That’s when the power of a proven, well designed program comes in handy.

By following a proven program you’ll know exactly what exercise variations to use, when to use a more challenging variation, and how to progress. That’s the beauty of a proven program. There is zero guess work because you’ll know exactly what to do.

Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Techniques

Here’s a glimpse at the advanced workout techniques used in the Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Programs.

These techniques will help you achieve maximum results from the programs and provide variety so you’ll never get bored, and most have detailed demonstration videos so you know exactly what to do.

  • Timed Sets — A powerful method for burning fat and sculpting muscle.
  • Rest/Pause — This is my favorite advanced training technique for sculpting sexy muscle and even boosting fat loss.
  • Circuits — For sculpting muscle, losing fat, and even building strength, you should harness the power of circuits. The Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Programs exploit the undeniable benefits of circuits so you get maximum results in minimum time once again.
  • 1.5 Reps — This is an awesome advanced training technique that will instantly make bodyweight exercises more challenging, thus allowing you to sculpt some extra muscle and blast through plateaus.
  • Core & Fat Burning Finishers — The Total Beautiful Badass-ification Program incorporates some challenging, fat burning and core finishers at the end of the workouts. Once again, the finishers are all about provided you maximum fat blasting results with minimum time. These fun finishers will challenge you mentally and physically, thus propelling you closer to Beautiful Badass-ification.

If you’re still skeptical about building a better body exclusively with bodyweight workouts, let’s destroy some common bodyweight workouts myths.

Busting Bodyweight Workout Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions about bodyweight-only workout programs, and we’re going to address them right now.

Myth #1: You Can’t Get Strong with Bodyweight-Only Workouts

I often hear, “You can’t get strong with bodyweight exercises like you can with barbell exercises.” No, you won’t set any powerlifting world records by just doing bodyweight exercises. The powerlifts require practice so don’t expect to set a big squat personal record after using bodyweight workouts for a couple of months. (That’s the principle of “specificity”. If you want to get good at squatting, you need to squat. Likewise, if you want to perform 10+ chin-ups, you need to do them often. You’ll find out how in the Beautiful Badass Workout Guide).

However, you can increase your relative strength and perform advanced bodyweight exercises like single leg squats, handstand push-ups, and L sit chin-ups in addition to other bodyweight exercises. Those exercises require incredible strength, and you can achieve it.

The key is knowing how to properly progress your bodyweight workouts. You can’t expect to do nothing but push-ups and squats and get strong. You have to strategically progress and perform slightly more challenging variations of each exercise. THAT is how you get strong with bodyweight workouts, and it’s what you’ll achieve with the Beautiful Badass Get Strong! Bodyweight Program.

Myth #2: Eventually You Won’t be able to Make Progress and Will Only be able to Do Really High Reps

Most people wrongly assume the only progress they can make with bodyweight exercises is doing more and more reps. Eventually they do nothing but sets of 20+ reps.

That will NOT produce awesome body transforming results after a while.

That’s why you have to progress to more advanced exercise variations as discussed above and provided in the Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide.

Myth #3: Bodyweight Workouts are Boring & Don’t Provide Enough Variety or Challenge

This was my biggest fear when I began my bodyweight-only workout journey. I was terrified that I’d get bored to tears after the first workout and that I wouldn’t’ stay motivated.

And that’s why the Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Programs use advanced and unique workout techniques. You won’t be doing the typical “3×10” boring workouts most people think of.

  • “I just did my first workout from the Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide and LOVED IT! It was hard, I pushed myself and had lots of fun. Thanks for putting this together! I give it TWO THUMBS UP!”— Jennifer F.


1. I can’t believe you made it this far! I’m impressed you’re still reading. Kudos to you. Okay, as a summary: the Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide is a total steal for only $9.99. You’ll get two awesome bodyweight workout programs PLUS demonstration videos for all of the exercises. It’s time to get the results you’re after with bodyweight workouts. You can get the PREMIUM Package for only $19.99 and you’ll get a total of 62 weeks of workouts. 

2. Remember no physical products are shipped. You’ll receive an email with a download link immediately after purchase. You’ll receive a single PDF file that you can view on any device that supports that format, which nowadays is practically every device. The PREMIUM Package contains 3 PDF files.

3. Remember, you’re backed by a satisfaction guarantee. So stop waiting and start building a great body with bodyweight workouts you can do absolutely anywhere.

Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide

Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Manual

14 Week Total Beautiful Badass-ification Program (lose fat or build muscle)

8 Week Get Strong! Program (build strength!)

Exercise Video Library

Immediate access!

  • “I’ve been blown away by the way my body has changed in the last 7 weeks, and I’m excited to see how it will morph in the next 15 … I am HOOKED!!!” -Andriana S.
  • “I'm in week 6 of 8 in your bodyweight strength training program and it’s going great for me so far! I can feel and see a shift happening with my body for the first time in the many attempts to ‘work out’ and get stronger I've made over the years … It's simple and fun and I love how I can do it at home in very little time. I’ve noticed I have more stamina with my work as a massage therapist and generally feel more ‘knit together.’ One of the first things I noticed was that I found it easier and less tiring to get my errands done. My posture feels less slouched as well. I feel like I’m carrying myself around with a little more grace and strength. My shoulder mobility has increased and the crepitus in my shoulder joints has noticeable decreased. My knees have always cracked and popped when I get up from kneeling or from a chair but it’s pretty rare these days. So, thanks for your wonderful program! I’m looking forward to keeping at it and seeing and feeling the results in the next few months.” -Nicole

Disclaimer: Nia Shanks is not a doctor. The workout programs here should not be taken as medical advice. They are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health issues and should not replace the advice of a physician. Consult your primary care physician regarding health issues. Application of the information provided in the workouts is at your own risk.