When was the last time you performed a workout as punishment for overindulging or eating your favorite dessert? "I have to burn off all those calories," you declared.

When did you last work out to "earn" the right to eat your favorite foods?

How many times have you had your day ruined from the number you saw on the bathroom scale?

Are your workouts fueled by a desire to "fix" parts of your body you dislike?

Do you ever force yourself to do a workout because you're afraid of losing results you've achieved?

A lot of women -- too many women -- will answer "Yes" to most of those questions at some point.

  • Using workouts as punishment for eating your favorite foods or to "earn" the right to eat them.
  • Working out because you don't like how your body looks.
  • The bathroom scale having the power to affect your mood, and sense of self-worth.
  • Working out because you're afraid of losing results you've achieved.

This approach and mindset is all too common.

But if it was effective, wouldn't it have worked by now?

Instead of helping you achieve your goals and make fitness an enjoyable and empowering activity, the only thing a relentless focus on fat loss and chasing a smaller number on the scale does really well is create frustration and a negative body image.

That is unacceptable.


You Deserve Better: Demand More from Fitness.

Something must be made clear: Fat loss is not inherently a bad goal. Losing fat to improve overall health, to increase self-confidence, etc. is not bad.

The problem occurs when people feel obligated to pursue fat loss. When the desire to lose body fat becomes the only reason they move their bodies. When they attempt to “hate their way” to a lighter, slimmer physique. When workouts are relegated to an activity that’s just about burning as many calories as possible and, as discussed above, when working out is punishment for eating food.

If you are one of the countless individuals who's become stuck in a fat-loss rut, choosing to demand more from your fitness regimen -- by focusing on what your body can do and consistently achieving the physical activity guidelines proven to produce substantial health benefits -- will be a welcomed breath of fresh air. And it's tremendously effective at helping you enjoy, and actually look forward to, your workouts.

What Happens When You Say “Screw Fat Loss!”

Many women start to look forward to, and enjoy, their workouts like they never have before.

When you toss aside the common reasons for working out that we’ve been led to believe are the only reasons to work out -- chasing a smaller number on the scale, “fixing” body parts, punishing yourself for eating dessert or trying to “earn” the right to eat something -- and focus solely on improving your workout performance and hitting the minimum activity guidelines you’ll soon find yourself saying, as so may do, things like:

  • I feel incredible!
  • I am strong!
  • I can’t believe what I can do!
  • I am so proud of myself!
  • My body is awesome!
  • This is the most I've ever enjoyed working out!
  • I'm excited to see what else I can do!

Wouldn't you like to routinely say the same things?

Enjoying what you do, feeling great about yourself, and shattering self-imposed barriers is what exercise should be about. That is what you deserve, and should demand, from your fitness regimen.

Introducing Screw Fat Loss: A 15-Week Workout Program

Do you want a done-for-you, no-guesswork-required workout program complete with exercise demonstration videos, step-by-step workout logs and spreadsheet tracker? Want a workout plan that makes you feel great about yourself while delivering health-promoting benefits?

What You Get:

  • The "Screw Fat Loss" Ebook

    Everything you need to know is in the PDF file. Discover why you should say "Screw fat loss," how to do it, and what to focus on instead. Explained in clear detail, with visual examples, are instructions for how to perform the workouts, how to progress, how to properly warm-up, how to determine how much weight to use for each exercise, and more. There is no guesswork involved. I show you how to perform the workouts, step by step.

  • Printable Workout & Personal Record Logs

    Prefer to record your workouts and personal records with pen and paper? Then you’ll love the convenient printable workout logs.

  • Excel Spreadsheet Tracker

    Prefer to record everything electronically? You can record and track everything in the provided spreadsheet tracker.

  • Exercise Demonstration Videos

    Every exercise has a demonstration video so you perform them all with confidence. Perfect if you’re learning a new exercise for the first time or if you simply want a refresher on technique.

  • Private Facebook Coaching Group (with Coaching Package)

    Be part of a like-minded group to boost accountability and have a place to ask questions and even get your exercise technique critiqued. The group will go through the program together (though some will likely start at different times) and I’ll provide instructions along the way, and be there to answer any questions you have.

What Screw Fat Loss Is and Who It's For

Screw Fat Loss is specifically for the person who has gotten stuck in a fat-loss rut: She has become preoccupied with chasing a smaller number on the scale, or working out is just about burning calories. It’s for the woman who is fed up with trying to “hate her way” to a different looking body. It’s for the woman who is ready for an empowering, enjoyable approach to fitness that makes her feel great about herself.

Screw Fat Loss is an ebook (in PDF format) that explains exactly who can benefit from shifting their focus away from the typical fat-loss approach, exactly how to do so, and what you should focus on instead. Included is a 15-week workout program that includes three weekly strength training workouts and a guide for how to consistently achieve the minimum activity guidelines provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services so you can achieve substantial health benefits.

Also included are Personal Record logs, where you will record the numerous PRs you'll set throughout the program. (You'll discover exactly why these are so important, and empowering, to track and focus on.)

Every element of the workout program is explained clearly, and sample training logs are provided to give a visual of exactly how to perform and progress every workout. The goal is simple: Give you everything you need and address any questions you could have up front so you perform the program with confidence.

Tell Me More about the Workout Program

Screw Fat Loss is primarily a three-day-per-week strength training program. It includes a 15-week program that calls for three total-body workouts per week. There are also details and instructions for achieving the minimum aerobic exercise guidelines created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human services, with the objective being to achieve substantial health benefits.

Equipment used: barbells, dumbbells, a weight bench, and cable machine exercises are used to provide maximum variety. However, alternative exercises are provided so you can work with the equipment you have available. Example: Don’t have a cable machine? You can perform similar exercises with dumbbells.

Customize the workouts. Numerous exercises include alternatives, so you can choose the exercise you prefer. For example: If you don’t like conventional deadlifts, you can perform Romanian deadlifts. If you don’t like squatting with a barbell, you can choose goblet squats, leg press, etc.

The strength training workouts take approximately 40-60 minutes to complete. This will vary depending on how long you rest between exercises, etc., but most people complete the workouts in this timeframe, even at busy gyms.

Choose Your Package

Screw Fat Loss

Screw Fat Loss Ebook

Exercise Demonstration Video Library

Printable Workout & Personal Record Logs

Excel Spreadsheet Tracker

One-time payment. You will NOT be billed again.

Screw Fat Loss + Coaching

Screw Fat Loss Ebook

Exercise Demonstration Video Library

Printable Workout & Personal Record Logs

Excel Spreadsheet Tracker

Private Facebook Coaching Group

One-time payment. You will NOT be billed again.

A No-Nonsense Guarantee

satisfaction guaranteeYour satisfaction is guaranteed for the basic Screw Fat Loss package.

If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can get your money back within 30 days of purchase. All you need to do is send an email to the address provided in the receipt.

NOTE! Screw Fat Loss + Coaching purchases are NOT eligible for refunds since you’ll have taken a coaching spot someone else could’ve had.

What to Expect

secured by paypal stripeProceed through the fast and secure checkout (purchase with confidence with PayPal or Stripe). After purchase you’ll receive immediate access and a receipt that includes instructions for how to easily access your purchase if you’re not ready to do so immediately after going through checkout. No physical products are shipped.

You can access Screw Fat Loss and its components directly through niashanks.com when you log in through the website. Details also provided in your receipt.

If you choose the Coaching Group Package a link to the private Facebook group will be provided in the receipt.

Screw Fat Loss + Coaching Details

Why a private Facebook group?

Because having access to a coach and supportive, like-minded group is a tremendous way to accelerate your results and ensure you achieve the best results possible from your efforts.

  • Have questions about your exercise technique?
  • Need to swap out an exercise and want to know the best alternative(s)?
  • Want to boost your accountability?
  • Want a place to celebrate your achievements?

That's what the coaching group is for.

Here's what a few women who were part of previous coaching groups had to say about their experience:

"Other than standing in the room with me, what more could she do?"

Robin coaching feedback

"The accountability of going through it with a group really helped me stick to the schedule."

jacqueline coaching feedback

"The difference WITHOUT this group would be huge!"

Michelle coaching feedback

Now is the chance to work directly with me for a fraction of the price of one-on-one coaching.

"I really feel like we're part of a team."

coaching group feedback

"Being part of this community has been a phenomenal experience."

Anna coaching experience

If you’ve ever wanted direct access to a coach to increase accountability and your rate of success, join the coaching group -- it’s a fraction of the cost of one-on-one coaching. For example, one-on-one coaching starts at $250 for one month, but you can have over 15 weeks of coaching for less than a single month of one-on-one coaching.

When does coaching start? What if I miss a week during the program? What if I start a few weeks late?

The coaching group starts immediately and you will have access for at least one year. Many people may have vacations planned during the program, or they may get sick, or fall behind for some unforeseen reason. You will not get left behind.

And some people may be wrapping up another program, and thus plan to start a few weeks later. That's fine too. Start as soon as you can. The coaching group will remain open and I'll be there to help everyone finish the program -- you will have access to the group for at least one year from date of purchase.

In other words, don't worry if you start a couple weeks late, have a vacation or get sick during the program and fall behind! I won't leave you high and dry once the initial 15 weeks are up.

What Results Can You Expect to Achieve?

Don’t confuse the title Screw Fat Loss with the results you may experience with this program. Even though the focus is strength training regularly, improving performance, and meeting the minimum activity guidelines doesn’t mean you won’t lose body fat. Most trainees, to varying degrees, lose fat and build muscle from the activity.

But fat loss, even building muscle, are merely side effects in this regard, because the focus is discovering what your body can do, and doing more when possible. Losing fat and inches from your measurements and even building muscle, for once, are relegated to the category of “side effects” as you pursue other goals with the 15-week program. Like getting stronger. Feeling great about yourself. Building confidence. Improving your overall health. Forging health-promoting habits.

With that said, here’s a look at what a small number of women who have been part of previous coaching groups and completed my strength training programs have experienced …

What Other Women Have Achieved

I understand your hesitation. How can I know that you know what you're doing? you may be wondering. After all, workout programs and coaches are in abundance these days.

Before I show you the results and experiences of those who have been part of coaching groups and have completed various workout programs I've created, let me state first that everyone is different. No two individuals will have the exact same experience on any program. That's because everyone starts from a unique position -- some people have years of workout experience, some a couple months, some none at all.

I am confident you will achieve great results if you follow the provided plan, but I can't say exactly what those results will be, because there are different variables that come in to play for every individual. But I will do my best to help you get the greatest results and experience.

Now, here's what others have achieved ...

"I exercise because my body is strong and I am excited to see how strong I can actually get."

"I actually have a butt for the first time in my life! My husband almost choked on his coffee the other morning when I asked him if my butt looked bigger." -Karen

I’ve had such success with this program and find it so easy to stay on track … I can't say enough how much this has all changed my life. Thanks, Nia. You never cease to amaze!” -Charlotte

"I feel GREAT. My bum is firm(er), my stomach is flat(ter)." -Gillian

"I want to commend you on offering such high quality program at SUCH an affordable price! You could easily charge more for this, but your price point makes it accessible to almost anyone; one would be a fool to pass it by!" -Stacy

"Just want to say how much I love the program. Three months in and I'm so much stronger! After 20 yrs of being on the cardio only, rely on the scale only, eat like a bird mentality, this program is so non bull-crap, simple, straightforward, do it and see results. I can't thank you enough for doing what you do. Seriously Nia, thank you." -Jennifer

"Down over 4 inches overall in 2 weeks. Great program!” -Melissa L.

“My husband has been appreciative of my developing 'hard body' but the other day he asked me if I was getting 'bigger.' As in bigger boobs. I was like, 'What? Heck no.' (I'm small busted, and after feeding 7 kids …) But, that's when we figured out, I *am* changing. I'm getting muscles under my breast tissue. My bra is a little fuller looking! This is TRULY not something I would have ever expected as a result of lifting.” -Robin

I've never been this enthusiastic about weight lifting before. Thank you, Nia, for creating such a well-rounded program based on sound fitness (and life for that matter!) values. Much gratitude.” :) -Julie

"I love that it's easy to understand, and as challenging as you make it or need it to be. Plus, I feel MOTIVATED. I've never ever EVER wanted to go to the gym. Now I truly want to. I'm excited walking in those doors." -Joann

"I no longer have jello-jiggly inner thighs. I have less skin on the back of my arms, even unflexed! And my rear end is firmer." -Laura

"I had serious strength gain. I had a goal to deadlift 1.5x my bodyweight by the end of this year, and I surpassed that goal last week. And today during my run I stopped at the calisthenics bars and did 5 pull-ups easily and kept going. Wouldn't have been able to do that at the beginning of the year." -Anna

"I can already visibly see more muscle definition in addition to being able to lift more and more weight. So glad I got your program. You're awesome!” -Olivia

"I want to thank you for a beautifully designed program … The layout of your workout logs allows me to see my progress in resistance and/or reps very easily … Your program has given me the confidence to attempt things that I would never have considered in the past. I finally feel like I have a resource to safely guide me on this journey. I love my workouts … I’m totally present and I enjoy every second.” -Lucky

"Not only am I getting stronger by the day but those stubborn areas are gone & the muscles are showing!! Thank you, Nia, for providing such awesome programs that are well planned and super easy to follow! No nonsense, sane & simple awesomeness!"— Kelly

"I discovered Nia in February and was immediately hooked. I was spending way too much time at the gym trying to do way too many exercises. When I started Nia's workouts I busted my ass and was in and out of the gym in an hour, I felt like I hit the jackpot. I've worked with personal trainers and never seen the results I've seen in the past few months. I love Nia's approach. I used to work for the top women's magazine in Canada and it was always focusing on losing weight to become a better you, getting a bikini body in 6 weeks, blah, blah, blah. I used to buy into that shit but not anymore … the motivation and inspiration I've found through Nia is amazing. I usually have days where I just don't fancy going to the gym, but since I started this system I’ve felt so energised and empowered I actually look forward to my workouts. I said to a friend the other day that I can't believe I'm in the best shape of my life and I'm 44! (I can't believe I can see the muscles in my arms without flexing!) I want to be healthy and strong, to live life to the fullest and be a positive role model for my children ... Nia, I have to thank you for making all of this happen. You truly are amazing and such a badass for creating all of this awesomeness." -Charlotte

"I’m excited because as of today, I've lost 15 lbs since the end of October (12 weeks). Increased weights throughout and getting stronger. Love this program!" -Kittie

"Finished my final workout today. I didn't record my beginning weight or take measurements but I can feel the changes that have taken place. I'm stronger physically and mentally. I feel more confident but most importantly, I feel comfortable in my own skin. And that in itself is worth every second spent in the gym. Looking forward to starting the next chapter in the lab." -Karen

"I've felt nothing but encouraged by your program(s) and your articles. I love all the beautiful muscle I'm building and have come such a long way in how I see and appreciate myself. Thank you, Nia! I look forward to what is next." -Lora

"I was so excited, I just called my husband out to watch me do my first 2 full pushups in -- decades, maybe? The only bummer -- that I have to shop for some small clothes. ;) Thanks for this awesome program -- so motivated by the variety and just wanting to complete each phase!" -Brenna

Feeling stronger, more energy, better posture and so much more...love this program. Love weight training! No longer a ‘wanna-be’ watching people weight train at the gym from the perimeter curious about what drives them. Now I know and am feeling what drives them i.e. the benefits of weight training, and best part, I'm right in the middle of it, no longer on the perimeter.” -Julie

Ready to Get Started?

Screw Fat Loss

Screw Fat Loss Ebook

Exercise Demonstration Video Library

Printable Workout & Personal Record Logs

Excel Spreadsheet Tracker

One-time payment. You will NOT be billed again.

Screw Fat Loss + Coaching

Screw Fat Loss Ebook

Exercise Demonstration Video Library

Printable Workout & Personal Record Logs

Excel Spreadsheet Tracker

Private Facebook Coaching Group

One-time payment. You will NOT be billed again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Screw Fat Loss appropriate for beginners?

Yes, the accompanying 15-week strength training program works well for beginners and experienced trainees alike. The workouts are scaled according to your strength and ability (instructions on this included in the guide). The exercise demonstration videos will teach you exactly how to perform the exercises for the first time, or help you refine/improve your exercise technique and make you more confident in your performance.

Can I get a look at the Screw Fat Loss contents? What's inside the ebook?

Sure thing. Here's a look at the Screw Fat Loss table of contents. (Note: The spreadsheet tracker is a separate document.)

table of contents

Will I perform the same few exercises over and over again?

The 15-week workout program includes a variety of exercises, so you'll be doing different exercises every five weeks. Several exercises also include optional variations, so you can choose the exercise you prefer. 

Will I have access to Screw Fat Loss once I've completed the program? Can I work at my own pace?

Yes, you will have access even once you complete the program. You can download it to your devices and access it directly through niashanks.com. All you need to do is log in to the website to access your purchase at any time. And you can work at your own pace, since you'll have continued access to the program.

What if I have an injury or medical issue?

I am not a doctor. If you have an injury you need to speak to your doctor before participating in a strength training program. Same thing applies if you have a medical issue -- speak to your doctor first. If you purchase the Coaching Package I can help you swap out exercises (for example, if you can't perform split squats because they aggravate your knees; you don't have a certain piece of equipment and need an alternative exercise, etc.) but I can't customize the program to work around an injury, like a tendinopathy. Bottom line: If you need help working around an injury or medical issue that requires the close guidance of a doctor or health care professional, this program is not appropriate for you.

What if I want feedback on my exercise technique? What if I would like someone to hold me accountable throughout the program?

Then definitely get the Coaching Package. You will have direct access to me to get all of your questions answered, and you'll be surrounding by a like-minded group.

Disclaimer: Nia Shanks is not a doctor. The workout programs and coaching groups here should not be taken as medical advice. They are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health issues and should not replace the advice of a physician. Consult your primary care physician regarding health issues. Application of the information provided in the workouts and coaching groups is at your own risk.