Your time is precious, so I won't dare waste it.

The typical fitness advertisement stuff you see isn't here. I won't try to pique your interest with sensationalized (and completely BS) promises about "hacks" or "secrets": I'm going to tell you what the new 12-week workout program is, and is not.

If you want to:

  • Look better and feel incredible without devoting tons of time to the gym each week
  • Have a done-for-you workout program that's easy to follow, track, and understand
  • Have direct access to me, your coach, for support (after all, what use is a great workout program if you don't actually follow it?) and to get any questions you may have answered
  • Have workouts that use dumbbells, cable exercises, and a weight bench and provide options to modify the workouts so they can be performed solely with dumbbells and a bench (perfect for at-home and hotel workouts); and have barbell exercises as options where appropriate
  • Work out three times per week
  • Finish workouts within 40-60 minutes and have the ability to do them in even less time when you need to, or simply want to
  • Have optional cardio workouts that can be done 1-2 times per week

...Then keep reading.


Helping women build a body they feel great occupying is what I do best.

And it's done without the ridiculous nonsense plaguing the fitness industry (grueling workouts, useless "hacks" and gimmicks) or spending tons of time at the gym.

If you want a done-for-you workout program and direct access to me for support and accountability and, most importantly, you're tired of the obscene BS used to promote a healthy lifestyle and you just want a plan that works, then join us while the program is available.

"I've weight trained all my adult life but never seen progress like this."

12-Week Workout Program: Have Everything You Need to Succeed

  • Direct access to Nia (with the Coaching Package)

    Have direct access to Nia for support, coaching, and accountability in the private Facebook group.

  • Exercise-demonstration video library

    Perform every exercise correctly, with confidence, with the high-definition demonstration videos.

  • Three workouts per week

    Flexible weekly workout schedule that will fit your life and preferences. Includes three weekly strength training workouts and 1-2 optional cardio workouts.

  • Workouts can be completed within 40-60 minutes

    You don't have to spend a ton of time at the gym to get great results. Time-saving options are provided for when you need to, or simply want to, finish a workout even quicker.

  • Printable workout logs

    Prefer to record your workouts with pen and paper? Easy-to-use logs that tell you what to do every workout, every week of the program.

  • Spreadsheet tracker logs

    Prefer to record your workouts electronically? You can do it with the spreadsheet trackers.

A Look Inside the 12-Week Program

Here's a look inside the easy-to-navigate Contents of the 12-week workout program. Everything is located neatly inside a single PDF document. (Note: the spreadsheet trackers are provided separately.)

contents of 12-week program

Everything you need to know, any question you could likely have, is clearly explained so you can perform the workouts correctly, with total confidence. And if you do have a question, you can ask me directly in the private Facebook group.

There's zero guesswork required on your part so you don't waste time.

"I'm down significantly in body fat % and dress sizes. I'm hooked!"

Let's look at some of the components of the 12-week program:

Three-Phase Program

The 12-week program is comprised of three separate phases, each lasting four weeks. 

Each phase is built around three weekly strength training workouts, and each phase builds upon the previous one. The workouts use dumbbells, a weight bench, and cable machine exercises -- what is standard equipment at most gyms.

The workouts can be modified to be performed exclusively with dumbbells and a weight bench, perfect for at-home or even hotel workouts. Barbell exercise options are provided where appropriate too, in case you prefer those variations.

Choose How You Want to Track the Workouts

Record the workouts with printable workout logs or spreadsheet trackers. Whether you prefer pen and paper or want to use your phone to follow and record the workouts, you're set.

Exercise-Demonstration Videos

Every exercise has its own demonstration video. See exactly how to perform each exercise correctly, and confidently. (These are privately hosted videos -- you don't have to waste storage space on your device.)

Direct Access to Nia (with coaching group option)

You're on your own with most workout programs. Not this time. My goal is to ensure you reach your goals; to help make that happen you'll get direct access to me to get any question you have along the way answered. Or if you simply need someone to hold you accountable or want to be surrounded with like-minded people, that's what you'll get in the community via the private Facebook group.

You'll have access to the group for 1 year from date of purchase.

Try It for 30 Days, Risk Free

satisfaction guaranteeYour satisfaction is guaranteed. 

You can build a better-looking body you feel great occupying with this 12-week program. To make this ridiculously simple, you have 30 days to try it out. If you hate it, you can get a full refund.

NOTE! If you join the Facebook group for coaching, you cannot get a refund. You'll have taken up a spot someone else could have had.

Your Journey Begins Today

Workout Program Only (no coaching group)

Done-for-you 12-week workout program

Exercise demonstration videos

Easy-to-use printable workout logs

Spreadsheet trackers

One-time payment: You will NOT be billed again

Workout Program + Coaching Group

Direct access to Nia for coaching and support in a private Facebook group (for 1 year)

Done-for-you 12-week workout program

Exercise demonstration videos

Easy-to-use printable workout logs

Spreadsheet trackers

One-time payment: You will NOT be billed again

Choose your package and proceed through the fast, secure checkout. After purchase you'll receive immediate access to the 12-Week Workout Program. You'll receive a PDF file and two spreadsheet trackers (an Excel tracker for use with Microsoft Word and an Open Source tracker for use with Google Docs or a spreadsheet app). You'll also receive a receipt via email in case you aren't ready to view the file immediately after purchase.

Don't Take My Word for It

Look at what these amazing women have achieved and experienced with previous coaching programs:

real results, from real women

Here's what Juliet and Kittie had to say:

real women real results


And here's what people had to say about being part of the private Facebook group:

private group members

Want to see more? Here you go:

“I see arm definition. I know my back is stronger. I've gained a ton of strength, increasing my weights each week. I have noticed my jeans fit differently, tighter in my butt. Which I'm counting as a good thing! A girlfriend, who hadn't seen me in a while commented on my legs. She said, ‘Wow, you look so fit & athletic.’ I take that as a huge compliment!” -Amy

"I love all the beautiful muscle I'm building and have come such a long way in how I see and appreciate myself. Thank you, Nia!" -Lora

"I want to send you a sincere thanks for your work. I rarely stick with a fitness program this long without an in-my-face coach involved because I get bored or discouraged about changes in my schedule. Using your advice on how to do things with my 12-hour days and just being okay with being flexible has made all of the difference. I've lost 12 lbs and gotten out of the overweight category. I feel fit and healthier than I have all year. I'm happy to continue." -LaShanna

"[The program] exceeded my expectations in every way. Nia combines incredible professionalism and genuine caring with simple, highly effective workouts--something totally unique in the fitness marketplace, regardless of price. I’ve learned a lot about lifting, but perhaps more importantly I’ve learned some things about myself. My focus has changed from being obsessed with food and weight to seeing what I can do with my body, and trying to push myself in new ways…I’ve become stronger, both inside and out. I’ve found that working out doesn’t have to be a chore, and I’ve developed some pretty sweet delts, lats and quads! It's among the best things I’ve ever done for my mental and physical development and I’m deeply grateful to Nia for giving me the tools and support to start down a new road." -Robin, mom of 7, age 47

Have Some Lingering Questions?

How many workouts per week will I perform?

With this 12-week program you will perform three strength training workouts per week. There are also 1-2 weekly optional cardio sessions.

What equipment is needed to perform the workouts?

The workouts were designed to be performed at most commercial gyms, or even at home. The workouts use dumbbells, a cable machine, and weight bench. AND the workouts can be modified to be done solely with dumbbells and a weight bench (perfect for at-home and hotel workouts). Barbell exercises are provided as options too, where appropriate.

How long do the workouts take?

The workouts can be completed in 40-60 minutes. Time-saving instructions are provided in case you need to, or simply want to, finish the workouts in even less time.

Are the workouts organized as a split, or are they full-body workouts?

The 12-week workout program uses three weekly full-body workouts.

Will I have to use multiple pieces of equipment at once? That's impossible at my gym!

The workouts are designed with the assumption you train at a busy gym, so you won't have to use lots of equipment at once. Easy-to-pair exercises are performed together so you use minimal equipment; the dumbbell bench press and one-arm dumbbell row, for example, so you just use dumbbells and weight bench.

Is this appropriate for beginners?

Yes, this program can work well for beginners and experienced trainees alike -- the workouts are scaled to your strength and ability. The exercise-demonstration videos will help you learn the exercises for the first time, or help you tweak/improve your exercise form and make you more confident in your performance too.

Will I be doing the same few exercises over and over again?

The 12-week program includes a great deal of exercise variety, so you'll be doing different exercises and variations every four weeks (some exercise similarity is necessary to improve, and track, performance). A wide repetition range is used too (anywhere from 5 to 20 reps).  

Is cardio work included?

There is optional cardio work provided. It will be performed 1-2 times per week, depending on which phase of the program you're on.

Will I have access to the 12-week program once it's completed? Can I work at my own pace?

Yes, you will have access to the program beyond the 12 weeks. You can download it to your devices and access it directly through the website. And you can work at your own pace, since you'll have continued access to the program.

What if I have an injury or medical issue?

I am not a doctor. If you have an injury you need to speak to your doctor before participating in a strength training program. Same thing applies if you have a medical issue -- speak to your doctor first. I can help you swap out exercises (for example, if you can't perform split squats because they aggravate your knees; you don't have a certain piece of equipment and need an alternative exercise, etc.) but I can't customize the program to work around an injury like a tendinopathy. Bottom line: if you need help working around an injury or medical issue that requires the close guidance of a doctor or health care professional, this program is not appropriate for you.

What results can I expect to achieve?

If you follow the program as written and see it through to completion, you will make noticeable progress. Exactly what that progress will be, I can't say for sure.

The results you achieve will depend on several factors: your current experience level and strength, compliance, eating habits, whether you perform the optional cardio work. But if you commit to performing the program as instructed, I'm confident you'll feel, and look, different at the end of the 12-week program.

Workout Program Only (no coaching group)

Done-for-you 12-week workout program

Exercise demonstration videos

Easy-to-use printable workout logs

Spreadsheet trackers

One-time payment: You will NOT be billed again

Workout Program + Coaching Group

Direct access to Nia for coaching and support in a private Facebook group (for 1 year)

Done-for-you 12-week workout program

Exercise demonstration videos

Easy-to-use printable workout logs

Spreadsheet trackers

One-time payment: You will NOT be billed again

What More Awesome Women Have Achieved

"I actually have a butt for the first time in my life! My husband almost choked on his coffee the other morning when I asked him if my butt looked bigger." -Karen

I’ve had such success with this program and find it so easy to stay on track … I can't say enough how much this has all changed my life. Thanks, Nia. You never cease to amaze!” -Charlotte

"I feel GREAT. My bum is firm(er), my stomach is flat(ter)." -Gillian

"I want to commend you on offering such high quality program at SUCH an affordable price! You could easily charge more for this, but your price point makes it accessible to almost anyone; one would be a fool to pass it by!" -Stacy

"Just want to say how much I love the program. Three months in and I'm so much stronger! After 20 yrs of being on the cardio only, rely on the scale only, eat like a bird mentality, this program is so non bull-crap, simple, straightforward, do it and see results. I can't thank you enough for doing what you do. Seriously Nia, thank you." -Jennifer

"Down over 4 inches overall in 2 weeks. Great program!” -Melissa L.

“My husband has been appreciative of my developing 'hard body' but the other day he asked me if I was getting 'bigger.' As in bigger boobs. I was like, 'What? Heck no.' (I'm small busted, and after feeding 7 kids …) But, that's when we figured out, I *am* changing. I'm getting muscles under my breast tissue. My bra is a little fuller looking! This is TRULY not something I would have ever expected as a result of lifting.” -Robin

I've never been this enthusiastic about weight lifting before. Thank you, Nia, for creating such a well-rounded program based on sound fitness (and life for that matter!) values. Much gratitude.” :) -Julie

"I love that it's easy to understand, and as challenging as you make it or need it to be. Plus, I feel MOTIVATED. I've never ever EVER wanted to go to the gym. Now I truly want to. I'm excited walking in those doors." -Joann

"I no longer have jello-jiggly inner thighs. I have less skin on the back of my arms, even unflexed! And my rear end is firmer." -Laura

"I had serious strength gain. I had a goal to deadlift 1.5x my bodyweight by the end of this year, and I surpassed that goal last week. And today during my run I stopped at the calisthenics bars and did 5 pull-ups easily and kept going. Wouldn't have been able to do that at the beginning of the year." -Anna

"I can already visibly see more muscle definition in addition to being able to lift more and more weight. So glad I got your program. You're awesome!” -Olivia

"I want to thank you for a beautifully designed program … The layout of your workout logs allows me to see my progress in resistance and/or reps very easily … Your program has given me the confidence to attempt things that I would never have considered in the past. I finally feel like I have a resource to safely guide me on this journey. I love my workouts … I’m totally present and I enjoy every second.” -Lucky

"Not only am I getting stronger by the day but those stubborn areas are gone & the muscles are showing!! Thank you, Nia, for providing such awesome programs that are well planned and super easy to follow! No nonsense, sane & simple awesomeness!"— Kelly

"I discovered Nia in February and was immediately hooked. I was spending way too much time at the gym trying to do way too many exercises. When I started Nia's workouts I busted my ass and was in and out of the gym in an hour, I felt like I hit the jackpot. I've worked with personal trainers and never seen the results I've seen in the past few months. I love Nia's approach. I used to work for the top women's magazine in Canada and it was always focusing on losing weight to become a better you, getting a bikini body in 6 weeks, blah, blah, blah. I used to buy into that shit but not anymore … the motivation and inspiration I've found through Nia is amazing. I usually have days where I just don't fancy going to the gym, but since I started this system I’ve felt so energised and empowered I actually look forward to my workouts. I said to a friend the other day that I can't believe I'm in the best shape of my life and I'm 44! (I can't believe I can see the muscles in my arms without flexing!) I want to be healthy and strong, to live life to the fullest and be a positive role model for my children ... Nia, I have to thank you for making all of this happen. You truly are amazing and such a badass for creating all of this awesomeness." -Charlotte

"I’m excited because as of today, I've lost 15 lbs since the end of October (12 weeks). Increased weights throughout and getting stronger. Love this program!" -Kittie

"Finished my final workout today. I didn't record my beginning weight or take measurements but I can feel the changes that have taken place. I'm stronger physically and mentally. I feel more confident but most importantly, I feel comfortable in my own skin. And that in itself is worth every second spent in the gym. Looking forward to starting the next chapter in the lab." -Karen

"I've felt nothing but encouraged by your program(s) and your articles. I love all the beautiful muscle I'm building and have come such a long way in how I see and appreciate myself. Thank you, Nia! I look forward to what is next." -Lora

"I was so excited, I just called my husband out to watch me do my first 2 full pushups in -- decades, maybe? The only bummer -- that I have to shop for some small clothes. ;) Thanks for this awesome program -- so motivated by the variety and just wanting to complete each phase!" -Brenna

Feeling stronger, more energy, better posture and so much this program. Love weight training! No longer a ‘wanna-be’ watching people weight train at the gym from the perimeter curious about what drives them. Now I know and am feeling what drives them i.e. the benefits of weight training, and best part, I'm right in the middle of it, no longer on the perimeter.” -Julie

Disclaimer: Nia Shanks is not a doctor. This workout program should not be taken as medical advice. It is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health issues and should not replace the advice of a physician. Consult your primary care physician regarding health issues. Application of the information provided in the workout program is at your own risk.